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Algarve's Property Market on the Rise!

Algarve's Property Market on the Rise!

The Real Estate Market here in Vilamoura, Quinta do Lago, Vale do Lobo and the remainder of the “Algarve Golden Triangle” is showing clear signs of improvement. We are starting to see an increase in interest in properties, particularly near the coastline and golf courses, which indicates only one thing; prices are on the rise!

Our primary clients remain the British and Irish markets although the French buyers are also leaving their mark; with huge interest in the “Non-Habitual Residence Scheme” which make living in the Algarve an awful lot more appealing. As the number of buyers continue to grow while the number of properties are falling rapidly prices are gradually climbing as we start to struggle to meet demand; particularly in “prime locations”.

All this indicates that over a period of 4/5 years property prices will shoot up by around 15-20%, subject to demand from buyers as well as a shortage to meet the tourism industries requirements; with hotels and holiday makers looking to rent private homes.

Today, we find property prices to be more adequate and substantially lower, than those in the peak of development, around 8 years ago. Meaning, this is the time to buy a property, serving as a holiday home, while promising to be a far more lucrative investment, growing at a far better rate than that offered by the banks, while creating a steady income through our ever growing tourism industry.

Think of a property on the Algarve as an economic investment, offering short/medium term returns.

Please feel free to contact us with any possible queries, we are here to do our best in helping you find a property which meets all your requirements.


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