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Portugal: 6th most beautiful country in the World!

Portugal: 6th most beautiful country in the World!

Portugal is among the 10 most beautiful countries in the world according to the UCity Guides international portal, who offering to the tourists everything they need to know before traveling to certain city and chose the "top 10" of nations "blessed with a natural beauty rare set and wonders built by man ".

The list, dominated by European countries, led by Italy. Spain and France are in second and third places on the podium, respectively, and Portugal is in 6th place before countries like Brazil (8) and Germany (10). According to the website, "the natural and pure wonders of the volcanic archipelago of the Azores" would be enough to put our country on the list. But there is much more: Madeira, a true "floating garden", the coastline "impressive" and the cables "mystics" of the continent, to which are attached the Alentejo plains, medieval villages like Marvão or Monsaraz and the Park national Peneda-Geres.

The UCity Guides also highlights the "perfect collaboration between Man and Nature" that you can witness in Sintra or the green Douro Valley and leaves only criticism is considering "inexplicable" to "negligence" that are voted the old centers of Portugal's largest cities, Lisbon and Porto. "Everything is on a small scale but, when all the elements are combined, it is amazing how much and as diverse beauty can fit in a country of such small dimensions, which seems to be a favorite of the Sun", concludes the assessment by the portal.

In the "top 10", which has six European countries, there is still room for Australia (4), the USA (7), Brazil (8) and South Africa (9).


Source: Ruralea


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