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The Palace of Pena is the "best castle in Europe"!

The Palace of Pena is the "best castle in Europe"!

In fact, some call it the Castle Pena such haughtiness. But this flashy and romantic national monument is a National Palace, with the neighbor the Moorish Castle. On the European Best Destinations website comes ahead of manificências as the Neuschwanstein Castle (example of the genre but only built three decades after the Sintra jewelry) or the Alcazar of Segovia.

"Located in the Sintra hills, the park and palace of Pena are the result of the creative genius of Don Fernando II", is written on the site - the same as it's set to vote for European Destination of the Year, for which Lisbon is named. The palace, underline, is "the máxido century exponent of romanticism. XIX in Portugal, showing clear Manueline and Moorish architectural influences."

In the list, which includes 15 monuments of Europe, also refers to the "palace was built so that it can be seen from anywhere in the park," consisting of "forest and lush gardens with over 500 different species of trees from coming four corners of the planet.



1º Palace of Pena - Sintra (Portugal)

 Alcázar del Segóvia - Spain
 Neuschwanstein - Germany
4º Hohenzollern - Germany
5º Walzin - Belgium
6º Eltz - Germany
7º Chambord - France
8º Culzean - Scotland
9º Eilean Donan - Scotland
10º Windsor - England
11º Corvin - Romania
12º Trevarez - France
12º Hohenwerfen - Austria
14º Bran - Romania (renowned as "Dracula's Castle")
15º Schwerin - Germany

Source: Público


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