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Portugal in the European Tourism TOP10!

Portugal in the European Tourism TOP10!

According to Bloom Consulting Country Brand Ranking © 2014, a study released by the Bloom Consulting, Portugal is one of the strongest brands for tourism in Europe. Currently occupies the 10th place in the European ranking of Tourism and the 22nd World position.

According to Philip Roquette, Bloom Consulting Managing Director in Portugal, "Portugal has excellent performance on social networks and on different internet platforms overcoming two major competitors in the south of the continent: Greece (number 11) and Croatia (number 12). However, it still reflects some difficulties in asserting itself among the great powers of European tourism.

On the other hand, presents a tourist revenue well above the regional average. In this study, Portugal is also noted as the country most wanted in the world, on the surf theme in the period between June 2013 and June 2014. Topics related to the local beaches and cuisine also play a large role in the choices of international tourists when look for lusas land as a tourist destination."



1st Spain
2nd Germany
3rd Frane
4th Italy
5th United Kingdom
6th Austria
7th Switzerland
8th Turkey
9th Netherlands



1st United States of America
2nd Spain
3rd Germany
4th Hong Kong
5th France
6th Thailand
7th Australia
8th Macao
9th China
10th Italy
11th United Kingdom
12th Austria
13th Singapura
14th Japão
15th Suíça
16th Turquia
17th Canadá
18th Coreia do Sul
19th Malásia
20th México
21st Holanda
23rd India
24th África do Sul
25th Grécia


Source: Diário Imobiliário

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