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Bet on First Impressions

Studies show that a buyer forms their opinion on a property in the first 90 seconds of their visit. Besides the general condition of the property, there are still details that could help improve that first impression. It is therefore crucial to make the house as pleasant as possible for the buyer: the smell, cleaning, storage space, the conservation status or brightness, are details that make all the difference. In this context, the experience of our agents will be an asset as we are connoisseurs of home staging techniques that allow you to prepare a property in order to make it more attractive to potential buyers. According to some American studies, properties that were previously prepared with this technique were sold, on average, twice as fast.

Fixing the Right Price

Many owners associate stories and personal experiences to their property, with a tendency to overvalue affective issues. Entering the market at an unrealistic price, the property is automatically limited in comparisson to others. On the other hand, setting too low a price can be counterproductive because it may raise the suspicion that there is something wrong with the property and it could therefore be a less secure investment. Therefore, the key is, to avoid disappointments and establish a " fair price " . Ie , a value that is good for you , but to help you find the right buyer. So consult VAP Real Estate, we guarantee the support of professionals who will be able to advise you on the current market price of your property.

Count with a Licensed Real Estate Agent

It is highly recommended that you sell your property through a licensed real estate agent, such as VAP (AMI: 10762), since we have knowledge of market developments and sales experience. As we work purely on commission there are no hidden costs and we are only paid on results. However, with our help you gain a professional allie who can accelerate and enhance the sales process. If a few years ago, in a context where demand was greater than supply, you could easily find a buyer for a property, today is not enough to put a "sign in the window ." The estate agents have tools that individuals do not have in terms of dissemination and promotion, and additional services that will help in this process. A VAP agent will help you optimize the selling price, to prepare your property for the visits of potential buyers and maximize the exposure of the property on the market .
Even more so those looking to buy a properties, generally refers to licensed real estate agents as only they have a large database (thousands of people visit our website and social networks on a daily basis). Which further emphasizes that by picking VAP Real Estate, we guarantee that you are insured against irregularities and conflicts that may arise during any sale process.

Seek Legal Aid

It is also imperative to enlist the help of a real estate attorney who can legally act on your behalf. This professional will prepare the power of attorney which is signed notarized and then recorded. This document gives its legal representatin, to release for sale and development of the sales proceedure on your behalf. In this sense, VAP Real Estate works closely with a number of specialised real estate lawyers who are active in this market; who we can recommend.

Join a Good Marketing Strategy

This is an essential for anyone selling a property to succeed. In this sense, VAP Real Estate's experience and accredited agents can share their knowledge with you; we know exactly where to advertise your property in order to get maximum attention from potential buyers. Due to our strong online presence, we are visited weekly by thousands of potential buyers as well as exporting all our listings to numerous national and international reference portals. Physically, we are located in one of the Algarve's most reputable areas; Vilamoura Marina.

Making your Property Appealling

Preparation is the key to making the sale! A common mistake which many experts refer to is the constant tendency of not preparing the property prior to placing them on the market. The way they present them to prospective buyers, can make all the difference between success or failure. Buyers tend to judge homes by the effort required to move. The less they have to spend to live in the property, the greater the value that they will be willing to pay for it . Small enough works to make the property more appealing are an investment in interest of the sale. Incidentally, this should not exaggerate because it can arrise doubt in potential buyer, that you are trying to "camouflage" problems that may require future expenditures. Treat your property as a product and draw on your image. Refering to photographs or videos of the house, always highlighting the best areas and views. Our Marketing team will be happy to intervene in this process and help you extol the best features of your property.


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