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Good business requires professionalism, transparency and the use of new commercial and marketing strategies and techniques! Knowing the market in detail, qualifying and identifying potential customers and differentiating our product is vital if VAP is to stand out in a very selective and demanding market. Our company combines its experience in market analysis with the know-how of our professionals who specialise in sales strategy.

The Portuguese property market demands competence, preparation and taking advantage of all available opportunities, where the maxim "there is no second chance to make a good first impression" reigns supreme. In this way, our marketing strategy guarantees your and therefore our success tomorrow, in a world that is constantly changing.

We are a competitive brand. We work hard every day to ensure that VAP remains a benchmark for our customers. Our brand is synonymous with credibility, professionalism and trust, the fruit of quality achieved through technical expertise, a transparent relationship and continuous support for our clients.

We define VAP products and services based on your satisfaction. Our range of services is designed to meet our clients' needs. Our commitment to ourselves is to make every requirement, need and desire a reality.

We have built long-lasting relationships with our clients. This factor continues to be a key differentiator for our company and our professionals. Our relationship and commitment doesn't end when the deal is finalised. No! Loyalty, a vast client portfolio and consistent brand building can only be achieved by working hard to attract clients, providing them with information, continuous monitoring and meeting the demands and needs of our buyers and sellers.

We are committed to our promotional products. We rely heavily on the use of advertising material (physical and virtual). From our small but powerful business card to the printing and dissemination of leaflets, property magazines, promotional videos and our multilingual website, all these tools are aimed at promoting our property portfolio and enhancing our properties.

Efficient communication. Knowing where, how, when and what to advertise is a key factor in the property market. Our products are frequently publicised in strategic places (physical and virtual), not only by our own means, but also through partners and other offices or companies in complementary areas.

We explore the potential of the Internet. Today, the Internet is a new world for commercial and marketing strategies. By promoting our products, services and properties on our own website (developed by agents at the forefront of real estate web design), creating databases, contacts and emails, presence and promotion on social networks, writing and publishing articles on websites and portals specialising in the sector, sending regular newsletters, participating in various communities of professionals related directly or indirectly to the real estate area, and many other resources that the internet makes possible, we guarantee that your property will have an excellent online positioning aimed at national and foreign clients.

Knowing how to sell - focus on the essentials! A good sale starts with a good purchase and, until the deal is closed, you need to master various sales techniques, which involves getting to know your buyer and their needs, exploring solutions and using truthful information to overcome possible obstacles. In the end, if we have been as professional as we have been competent, it will be our clients - buyer and seller - who will promote us in the future.

Partnerships and Networking. Building Partnerships and Networking relationships are professional and personal relationships aimed at mutual help and are one of the most effective ways of winning new clients. VAP strives to build and maintain a network of relationships with professionals and organisations working in complementary areas, which enable the exchange of information and ease of contact.

Throughout this process, our sector's code of ethics is imperative so that we can always work in line with current legislation. We are aware of the market situation and constantly analyse the main economic and sectoral indicators. The dynamics of demand change at a dizzying pace, where knowledge of the general economic environment and its impact on the property market allows us to adapt our commercial strategies, making them more effective and with more real/just prices.

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