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Good business requires professionalism, transparency, the use of new techniques, business strategies and marketing! Knowing the market in detail, qualifying and identifying potential customers and is what differentiates VAP Real Estate in an extremely selective and demanding market. Our company combines its experience in market analysis to the expertise of our professionals, reflected in our sales strategy.

The Portuguese real estate market requires expertise, preparation and use of all available opportunities, where "there is no second chance to create a good first impression". Thus , our marketing strategy is key to our success in an ever changing market; by the following principles:

We are a competitive brand. We work hard to ensure VAP as a reference point for our customers. Our brand's objective is to ensure credibility and confidence with our clients through professionalism, quality of service, technical expertise and relationship based on complete transparency.

Defining VAP. We are commited to perform to all our client's requirements and needs, thus make your desires a reality.

We build lasting relationships with our clients. This factor differentiates our professional staff from other agencies. Our relationship and commitment does not end at the time the deal materializes. We conduct a loyalty apporach to potencial, current and past clients in order to monitor and evaluate our client's satisfaction in order to help us grow.

We invest in our promotional products. We invest heavily in the use of advertising materials (physical and virtual). Starting with the design of our small but powerful business cards, publication of pamphlets, property magazines, promotional videos, through our multilingual site, helping us increase exposure and enhancing our properties.

Effective communication. Where, how, when and what, are key factors. Our products are promoted in strategic locations (physical and virtual), not only by our own media, as well as through partners and other offices or areas which complement our business, in order to target they right market group for each property.

We explore the potential of the Internet. The Internet offers endless opportunities for business as a marketing tool. We garantee to maximise exposure of our properties by promoting, services and properties on social networks, preparing and publishing articles on websites and portals (developed by real estate agents Vanguard webdesign, creation of databases, contacts and emails), sending periodic newsletters, participation in various professional communities and many other features.

Learn to sell - focus on essential! A good sale starts with a good purchase, and up to the time at which the sale is closed one must master various techniques, which involve knowing our customer and their needs, exploring solutions and using accurate information to overcome objections. With our objective in mind, that both the buyer and seller, walk away satisfied with the result and our service.

Partnerships and Networking. Building partnerships and networking relationships both professionally and personally with a mutual objective is the most effective way to gain new customers. VAP press to build and maintain a network of relationships with professionals and organizations which can provided experience in complementary areas to our clients; whether it be providing services of their own or providing the missing link to help complete a sale.

Throughout this process, the code of ethics in our industry is imperative for us to work in line with current legislation. We know the market situation and we are constantly aware while closely analysing both economic and industry indicators which impact upon the real estate prices. The dynamics of demand change at a dizzying pace, knowing the ins and outs of changes in economic and political climates is essential to our line of work to ensure the pricing of our properties is accurate and fair.

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