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After the buyer and seller sign a Property Purchase and Sale Contract which includes the agreed conditions, such as price, payment terms and date of completion, is required to gather the following documentation for the Property Selling Process to develop without delay, so as not to derail the deal:

  • Building Handbook - It is a document issued by the Division of Finance in which the article appears Property, areas, location, confrontations and the book value of the property
  • Content Certificate - This document is issued by the Land Registry in which is stated the name of the owner, shows the history of the property, who has rights over the property and if there are any liens, charges, mortgages or lien on the property
  • Habitability or Construction License - These documents are issued by the Municipality. In the case of habitability license, it shows that the property was constructed in accordance with plans and may be legally inhabited. A valid license for construction shows that the property can be built according to the Plants
  • Crew Housing - is provided by the manufacturer and it contained details of the builder, technical, material used in construction, suppliers and all Property Details
  • Property Plants - This document is issued by the Municipality whenever buying a property a copy should always be provided to verify that the property is in line with current plants
  • Tax File Number - Issued by the Tax Office , and all buyers need to get a number before buying a property
  • Examination - A structural survey is not a legal requirement but if you have any questions about the structure of your future property should ask an expert to examine the property
  • Energy Certification - Since January 1, 2009, and according to Decretio - Law No. 78/2006 , all houses and buildings for sale (or lease), new or used, are required to obtain a certificate of energy efficiency . This aims tabular AG each property (or building), the more energy efficient the A G the least and is valid for 10 years. The owner who does not possess at the time of writing, will be subject to fines of between 250€ and 3.740,98 euros
  • IMT - Municipal Tax Transmissions Onorosas - is a tax that must be paid at the tax office (before completion of purchase), which is calculated on the value of the property and varies among first homes and second homes. To see the tables IMT click here for Continental Portugal or here for the Autonomous Regions of Madeira and the Azores

VAP Real Estate, by virtue of their experience , professionalism and success in real estate, has privileged contacts with various organizations and specialized companies to obtain facilitated the Required Documents.

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