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Why choose VAP Real Estate?
As well as being a licensed and accredited real estate agency (AMI 10094) with the Instituto dos Mercados Públicos, do Imobiliário e da Construção, I.P. (IMPIC, I.P.) - the regulatory, inspection and supervisory body for the construction and real estate sector - VAP Real Estate strives to provide a highly personalised, efficient and continuous service to each client.
Our VAP team is made up of qualified, experienced professionals specialising in property sales, whose motivation, competence and professionalism are the basis of our success. We have a multilingual team that is always available to answer questions and/or provide information, and we have developed important contacts with foreign audiences as well as domestic ones.


With our commercial strategy, we are able to ensure that our message is disseminated on a daily basis to thousands of potential buyers in national and foreign markets. As a serious and competitive brand, we invest heavily in our communication, knowing exactly where and how to advertise our properties, targeting them to different audiences and markets. Our products are often publicised in strategic places (physical and virtual), including through partners and other offices or companies in complementary areas. As a way of further boosting the presence of our brand and our properties and, consequently, our clients, we are also represented on leading property portals, on social networks, and we also have new property marketing tools.

Today, the Internet is the best and biggest global engine for boosting business and also the most powerful tool for buying and selling. We therefore publicise all our clients' properties online, connecting potential buyers and sellers, both in Portugal and abroad.
Our main competitive advantage is our in-depth knowledge of the economic, political, legal and fiscal realities of our country, as well as the legal procedures for offshore companies.

VAP Real Estate also has a strong local positioning through our agency strategically located in Vilamoura Marina - the largest and most famous in Portugal and one of the most pleasant places in Europe - which receives thousands of visitors every week.
Properties in the Algarve continue to be in strong demand, intensified by the granting of benefits, perks and tax advantages by the Portuguese state to those who invest in Portugal, such as the Golden Visa.
As our human resources are our greatest asset, we invest heavily in the constant qualification and improvement of the quality of our human capital, organising and promoting regular training for our agents, which ensures gradual growth while maintaining excellence in service and, consequently, the satisfaction of our clients.

We work both on an exclusive basis and on an open basis. On an open basis, you can advertise your property with other agencies if you wish. We prefer clients who give us exclusivity over the sale of a property, as we can have greater control over the whole process and we can guarantee that you will be totally focused on making the most of your property!
Honesty, transparency, security and complete advice throughout the process of negotiating your property are the basic principles of our real estate agency.

Let us help you sell your property in Portugal.
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