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Rent > Advantages & Disadvantages

Rent > Advantages & Disadvantages

Before proceeding to rent a property, it is important to take into account what their possible Advantages and Disadvantages, so you can decide online and choose accordingly, such as Owner or as Inquilo, namely:

Advantages as Tenant:

  • The maintenance and fault repair are the responsibility of the owners
  • The payment of the condominium, IMI and other municipal taxes, are also the responsibility of the owners
  • When you rent, you know that pay the same every month and has no unexpected expenses
  • The money you save when rents can be applied, for example, stocks, bonds or real estate funds
  • Easy to move home if necessary
  • Existence insurance income protection in case of unemployment

Disadvantages as Tenant

  • Will invest money in property that hardly will become your
  • Difficulty making renovations and decor to your taste

Advantages as Owner

  • See be used and monetized your property
  • Solution for the property in a crisis scenario or economic difficulties
  • Financial independence
  • Constitution of assets paid by someone else
  • Possibility of direct payment of benefits under the mortgage (if you have)

Disadvantages as Owner

  • Payment condo, taxes and other municipal charges
  • Responsibility for the maintenance of the property and repair faults


Furthermore, using VAP Real Estate support, we will ensure you:

while Owner

  • Good dissemination and promotion of the property on our website and in specialized portals
  • Disclosure of your property through our network of contacts
  • Immediate and effective response to requests lease
  • Availability to conduct visits with poossíveis lessees/tenants
  • Mediation in the whole process of renting
  • Drafting of lease

while Tenant

  • Ease in finding suitable properties to their expectations, wants and needs
  • Knowledge of the best properties, prices, location and characteristics of properties
  • Immediate response in solving possible problems (breakdowns, repairs, etc.)
  • Mediation in the whole process of renting
  • Total availability for troubleshooting / faults that can possibly happen