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How to Set the Sales Price?

Real estate agents have specific tools that private individuals don't have, particularly in terms of publicity, promotion and complementary services that help in this process. A VAP agent will help you optimise the sale price, prepare the property for visits by potential buyers and maximise your property's exposure on the market by defining your sales plan. The VAP agent will accompany you throughout the process, defining commissions and the service contract.

There are countless possibilities, but always remember that the money to pay the commission will always come from the sale of the property, so for this reason you should make sure that you have defined the price of the property well. When you enter the market, your property should be priced in line with reality. To avoid disappointment, you should endeavour to establish a "fair price", i.e. a value that is good for you but, also, will help you find the right buyer. To this end, VAP Real Estate guarantees the full support of professionals who will be able to advise you on the current market price of your property. We will also be happy to help you while you analyse the costs to get an approximate value for your property. Don't forget to take into account the costs you may incur during the preparation of your property, as well as throughout the sales process. If you offer a good price, buyers will want to see your property. It's imperative that you prepare your property well for a potential visit, so make sure your house is clean and tidy, so that anyone who enters feels like living there.

Other steps in the process of selling a property in Portugal:

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