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The properties acquisition is subject to IS - Stamp Duty, at 0.8% rate, regardless be acquired the property by purchase, gift or inheritance.
However, the property donation is still subject to the 10% Stamp Duty, which focuses on donations, so, the final applicable rate is 10.8%. This rate applies to properties taxable value (present value in urban land book).
Donations between states or spouses, descendants or ascendants have to apply the 0.8% rate, because these property donations, between family members, are not subject to this tax, or any other.

The tax payable is calculated as follows: Asset Tax Value x Rate (10.8% or 0.8%)
The donation property transfer (0.8%) must be settled in the Finance Department or in the Portuguese Finance Portal, before the deed or donation contract.
Tax donations (10%) is paid by the Finance Department who notify the donation beneficiary to make the payment.
For this, the donation beneficiary must submit an IS participation until the end of the third month following the donation.
The IS must be paid until the end of the second month following the notification.

When the payable amount exceeds 1.000 euros, it can be divided into a maximum of 10 equal installments, and the minimum value of 200 euros each installment.
If the taxpayer chooses to pay tax exceeding 1.000 euros at one time, he will benefit from 0.5% a discount per month, on each installment, except in the first month.


* This information is based in January 2013 current legislation
** Through the Portuguese Financial Ministry Portal, you can have all information on exemptions, the taxable amount, applied rates, tax settlement, etc

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