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"There is no second chance to make a first impression"

Preparation is the key to making the sale! One mistake that many owners tend to make is not preparing the house before putting it on the market. The way you present your property to potential buyers can make all the difference between success or failure. Buyers tend to judge homes by the effort required to move. The less they have to spend to live in the house, the greater the amount you are willing to pay. Small enough works to make the house more appealing can help in making the house more marketable. Incidentally, if this is exaggerated this kind of assistance can lead the potential buyer to have doubts and think that there are " hidden " problems that may require subsequent spending. Treat your home as a product and draw on the image. Refer to photographs or videos of the home and highlight the best areas. Our Marketing team will be happy to intervene in this process and exalt the best features of your property.
The outside needs to be well kept and inviting to the potential buyer; thisis what makes him decide to take a look at the interior. Start by trimming the plants and shrubs, and treat the cleanliness of the grounds and surrounding areas. If the roof has damaged shingles, replace them; this is worthwhile. The balcony and garage should be organized and clean. Organize items stored appropriately. Wipe the windows, the mailbox, clean the gutters and check all the doors and windows. Finally, secure all loose awnings and shutters. Notice that all these minor things put charm back into your property.
Inside the property there are several things that can be done. Brightening the decor of your home without spending a fortune. Two areas in which potential buyers will be particularly concerned are the bathroom and the kitchen, any damage or repairs needed in these parts of the house can generate high expenses and are therefore an additional cost to the buyer. Start by making sure that both areas are clean. Paint the kitchen cabinets and replace damaged switches and worn countertops. If there is any sign of infiltration, plumbing problems or flooring in the kitchen or bathroom; call a professional and correct them before the potential buyer visits your property.
Organize and remove all unnecessary items from other areas of your property. Store things neatly if possible otherwise renting a storage space is another option. The goal is to scale the divisions of your property. Organize the closets to show the amount of storage space that the buyer has. All this should be the case when receiving visits from potential clients to highlight the qualities of your property.
The entire house should be well lit and airy. To that end keep the lights on and the curtains and windows open. This will also help to maximize natural light. If the walls are needing a refresh, consider a painting them; but be sure to use light and neutral colours. Outside opt for white, beige or light yellow, and inside the white, off-white or pastel colors.
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