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Portugal, in Top10 of Best beaches water quality

Portugal, in Top10 of Best beaches water quality

The European Environment Agency (AEE) assessed the quality of the water in bathing resorts 22076 in 28 countries of the Union and also in Switzerland and in Albania and the findings revealed that 95% of the sites assessed over the last year meet all requirements. Sorting analyses the levels of two types of bacteria that indicate the presence of pollution from sewers or livestock. If ingested, these bacteria can cause disease, such as vomiting and diarrhea.

However, clarifies the EEA, "bathing water classifications do not take into account the trash, pollution and other harmful aspects to the natural environment.  Although most of the beach resorts are clean enough to protect human health, many of the ecosystems of the European bodies of water are in a worrying state ". And let the alert: "European marine ecosystems are threatened by climate change, pollution, overfishing and acidification. Many of these pressures should increase ".


Other findings from the study:

  • Only 2% of the waters were considered mediocre
  • The percentage of offices that meet the minimum requirements in 2013 was essentially identical to that of 2012. However, the proportion of "excellent" resorts increased from 79% in 2012, to 83% by 2013
  • In the coastal waters, the water quality was slightly higher, with 85% of the resorts to be classified as "excellent"
  • All coastal waters of Slovenia and Cyprus were classified as "excellent"
  • Bathing water quality interiors was slightly lower than the average. The Luxembourg was the only country to receive the rating of "excellent" for all interior seaside resorts, followed closely by Denmark, with 94% of inland bathing waters "excellent". The Germany has achieved "excellent" quality in 92% of nearly 2000 Interior seaside resorts


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