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"Leasing is a contract whereby one of parts undertakes to provide a temporary thing enjoyment, for consideration to the other, against remuneration"- Civil Code Article no.1022

Rent a property in Portugal, is now become increasingly common, and is an advantageous option for those who:

  • Have to relocate frequently
  • Not want to have high expenses on bank loans
  • Do not want to carry a high investment

To decide whether if you should rent or buy an house, we suggest you to take a weighted calculation of your investment, based on the following method: if the homes price is 22 times lower than the rents that would pay in a year, then opts to buy (rent x 12 x 22).

All documents and records costs, deed and tax, real estate, insurance and interest inherent, property must be valued 15% more to get an investiment return. Thus, we recommend that you only invest to Buying a property, if you will keep at it for three years (ideally five).

Furthermore, if you have an 'unusable' property and intend to monetized, rent its (temporary or annual) may become an great solution. VAP Real Estate is fully available to help you enhance your property and consequent rent, through our services and promotion, marketing and distribution tools.

For that, you will need to have an Use and Energy Certificate updated license. All remaining work (photo coverage, property visit and drafting rent contract), is VAP Real Estate responsability.

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