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Before the visit, don't overlook the details!

According to an American study, prospective buyers decide whether or not to buy a property within the first 3 minutes of visiting the property. So the old maxim, "There's no second chance to make a good impression", should really be imperative and you shouldn't neglect the details.

It is imperative that you prepare your property in such a way that future owners will be able to imagine themselves living there for many years to come.

A tidy, well-maintained exterior is the perfect invitation for a potential buyer to want to visit the interior. We therefore recommend that you look after the plants, trim the bushes and clean the gardens and pool.

As for the interior, there are many things you can do to spruce up your home without spending a fortune on visual improvements. Two areas that potential buyers will be particularly concerned about are the bathrooms and the kitchen, as any damage or repairs needed in these parts of the house can be very expensive. So make sure that both areas are clean, tidy and sparkling. In the rest of the property, remove any items from the house that won't be part of the sale, which could include chandeliers, family heirlooms, old furniture you'd like to keep, etc.

Opening the windows and curtains will keep the house bright and airy, which will maximise the natural light, another aspect that potential buyers value highly. If you're visiting in the evening, we recommend switching on all the exterior lighting, including the veranda and pool lights.

Some clients may not feel comfortable visiting in the presence of the current owner or may not share their affection for their pets or may even be allergic. In these cases, entrust your property to our VAP Agent, who with his experience will present and enhance your property during the visit, and leave your pet at the care of someone you trust.

Other steps in the Property Sale Process in Portugal:

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